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Age: 16
Junior, Oakland School for the Arts

Career Goals:
Pediatric surgeon—influenced by his numerous childhood surgeries
Hopes to recruit more students of color into medicine and stay involved in his community

“The HEAL program has given me the drive to work even harder in school because I was able to see a glimpse into my future. … I want to be able to take my experiences and apply them to the process to better the patient and physician bridge that is sometimes lost when talking to younger patients….We live in a time where students of color aren’t expected to be doctors, so being in a room full of students of color who have an interest definitely gave me confidence.”



Age: 17
Freshman, Sonoma State College

Career Goals:
Trauma surgeon
Hopes to launch a career at Alameda Health System after medical school

“I know that if I continue in the HEAL program I will be able to accomplish and succeed in my career choice. I really grew passionate about emergency medicine, especially trauma surgery….When I heard about the HEAL program, I was fascinated by realizing that I would be able to be inside of a hospital or clinic helping out my community.”



Age: 15
Edna Brewer Middle School

Career Goals:
Neonatal nurse or certified nurse midwife

In middle school, interned at AHS Highland Hospital, Oakland

“Every doctor and nurse that I’ve worked with took an interest in me, took time out of their schedules to show me things.”

“HealthPATH has changed my life. I was appreciated and needed here. They let me know that I can come back here any time to pursue what I want to do.”



“HealthPATH helped them grow into becoming responsible people, and their minds stay focused on the positive things. To everybody at HealthPATH, I want to say thank you.”
–Kameya and Kamiya’s mother, Kawana