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HEAL Program Virtual Internship

The HEAL Program internship introduces high school students of color to career opportunities in the healthcare field. Students gain exposure to health careers through experiences such as shadowing doctors, nurses, and other clinicians; skills workshops; seminars; hands-on experiences in our simulation center; and field trips. The virtual internship experience will include:

  • Simulation Experience & Skills Workshops: Gain hands-on skills in our state-of-the-art simulation center such as CPR, vitals, bedside care, etc.
  • Healthcare Professional Panels: Participate in various panels with esteemed guest speakers from a wide range of health disciplines
  • Virtual Seminars: Topics covered in the seminars will include — Education & Career Pathways and Planning, Health Literacy, Implicit Bias in Healthcare, Professionalism, etc.

HEAL In-school Internship Flyer

HEAL After School Internship Flyer

PLEASE READ Before You Apply:

  1. The application must be completed in one sitting. There is not a save function; you cannot start the application and resume it at another time.
  2. Cohort: Make sure you know what cohort you want to apply to
  3. Résumé: Have an up-to-date resume ready to upload
  4. Short Answer: Short answers differ per cohort. Once you’ve decided the cohort you will apply to, we suggest you draft your responses to the short answer questions at your own pace in a separate document, then copy and paste it into the short answer section.
    • Short Answer Questions (100 word minimum per question):
      • What health career are you interested in pursuing? Why?
      • What experiences (academic success, personal struggles, etc.) have shaped your interest in a health career?
      • Where do you see yourself after high school, in pursuit of your career goals?

Please Note: Only participants in the after school cohorts will be paid a stipend of $250 upon completion of the internship. In-school internships are unpaid.

For questions contact us at: